Danger! 5 Signs Your Electrical Building Wiring Plan is Dangerously Outdated!

Mar 21, 2022
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Keeping yourself informed and your senses alert can help you quickly spot and prevent faulty electrical wiring warning signs. However, even if you are uncertain about your home’s electrical wiring condition, scheduling an inspection with a reliable electrical professional to ensure your home’s safety is never a bad idea. They will help you identify and fix any potential hazards and malfunctions that can hamper your home’s wiring integrity, panel functionality, and GFCI protection. 

Continue reading to learn about the signs of lousy wiring in a house to prevent unwanted circumstances!

Tripping of circuit breakers

Tripping of a circuit breaker is not uncommon, typically when running multiple appliances on the same circuit. This increases the chances for an overload to occur at some point. However, if you notice frequent tripping of circuit breakers, consider consulting a well-experienced electrical contractor at the earliest. It could be an early sign of dangerous problems with your home’s electrical wiring. 

Frayed wiring

Wires can crack or fray due to heat, age, corrosion, or bending. You should never ignore fray wiring. Usually caused by pets, rodents, and amateur workers, frayed wiring is a critical electrical hazard that can lead to unwanted circumstances. Hence, if you notice frayed wiring in your home through an exposed wall or any other means, it is advisable to contact a professional electrical contractor for early repairs. 

Dimming lights

Similar to what is shown in most horror movies, the flickering of lights is typically considered a norm during powerful thunderstorms or windy weather. However, flickering can also be due to a tree branch falling on a nearby power line. Thus, if your home’s lights begin to flicker on a regular basis, it can be a red flag associated with your home’s electrical wiring. 

Smoke and outlet discoloration

If you notice smoke or a foul smell in your home, do not wait to take action! Additionally, if you see any discoloration or scorch marks on your outlets, it is a clear sign of faulty wiring and excess heat being released from the circuit. Lousy wiring in your electrical outlet can even cause an arc. Therefore, to remain on the safer side, call a licensed electrician immediately and unplug all your appliances until they arrive.

Warm, vibrating outlets

If you suspect that your home is exposed to serious electrical issues, consider going close to an outlet and see if you sense a warmness. A properly functioning outlet should feel cold or normal to touch. However, you may notice heat and odd vibrations coming from a faulty outlet, often signaling damaged wiring. Always contact an electrical expert at the earliest to ensure immediate repairs in this case. 

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