Electrical Maintenance in Buildings: Work and Employees Safety

Aug 13, 2021
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The electrical system in your building is a crucial piece of equipment that you should not take lightly. If it malfunctions, electrical safety issues will arise and your employees could be put in danger. Electrical maintenance services can help you maintain the electrical system to prevent malfunctions, and keep everyone safe.

Hiring professional electricians to do electrical repair, electrical wiring checkup, electrical system installation or electrical panel service can reduce the risk of electrical mishaps. A qualified commercial electrician will ensure that your electrical systems are safe and up to code, so you won't have any issues with inspection.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions related to electrical maintenance and electrical safety tips in your office and buildings.

What is electrical maintenance?

Electrical maintenance is the prevention, detection, and correction of electrical problems in buildings.

In order to ensure electrical safety for your employees and building occupants, it's important that you provide routine electrical maintenance. Electrical hazards are not always easy to see at first glance and can result from normal wear and tear or simply because a wire needs to be replaced.

Electrical Maintenance includes consulting on an electrical system and electrical system upgrades, electrical safety inspections, electrical testing services, electrical equipment installation or replacement. It is extremely important to consult electrical contractors who are knowledgeable about electrical safety and installation. In addition to consulting with electrical contractors, electrical maintenance can also be done on a regular basis by building owners.

There are many benefits to having your electrical system checked and maintained: electrical fires or explosions decrease significantly; the life of electrical equipment increases; costs related to repairing electrical problems in buildings decrease.

What is electrical safety?

Electrical safety is the prevention of electrical malfunctions and the hazards they can cause, which includes making sure your employees are safe in their workspace. Electrical Maintenance Services can help you maintain the electrical system to prevent malfunctions, and make sure everyone's safe.

It is a system of safeguards put into place to protect electrical systems from electrical emergencies or malfunction that could harm people, property, or the environment.

An electrical safety inspection is a procedure where electrical equipment in a workplace is examined to see whether it complies with the electrical codes and standards, and also to check for hazards such as insulations that are falling apart, exposed wiring or faulty grounding connections.

There are many different factors that contribute to electrical safety, including electrical maintenance. This is why it's important to have a company that specializes in electrical services and electrical repairs who are knowledgeable about electrical components and circuits.

One major concern for electrical safety is that many people think of it as just a problem for electrical engineers who work with electric currents, but it's vitally important for electrical maintenance too. Electrical Maintenance includes consulting on an electrical system and electrical system upgrades, electrical safety inspections, electrical testing services, electrical equipment installation or replacement.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations to help protect your employees from the hazards of working with electricity. It highly recommended that electrical maintenance services are performed regularly.

Electrical Safety for Your Employees

  • Install electrical safety products in your workplace, such as arc fault circuit breakers and ground-fault circuit interrupters to catch malfunctions before they cause harm.
  • Provide training on electrical hazards specific to your industry and company needs. This will include electrical safety procedures and the use of electrical PPE such as gloves, boots, aprons, goggles.
  • Have a designated electrical specialist or experienced electrician on staff who can diagnose malfunctions and fix problems quickly before they become hazardous.

Electrical Safety for Your Building

  • Be sure all electrical panels in your building are grounded properly.
  • Have electrical safety inspections performed to detect electrical hazards and problems in your building.
  • Install electrical PPE, such as arc fault circuit breakers or ground-fault circuit interrupters where appropriate.

Electrical Safety for the Environment:

  • Don't overload power sources with too many appliances plugged into them at the same time.
  • Replace electrical cords with electrical extension cords that are appropriate for the electrical item or appliance being used (i.e. don't use an electrical cord designed to power a vacuum cleaner on a light fixture).
  • Prevent fires by using ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit breakers in your building's electrical system.
  • Electrical maintenance and electrical safety are important parts of maintaining a healthy environment for your workplace. By doing a regular electrical check, it will keep your employees safe from electrical malfunctions. Hiring a licensed electrician as part of your company staff who can diagnose electrical problems quickly before they become dangerous is a good idea.

What are some electrical safety issues?

Electrical safety issues come in many shapes and sizes. Some electrical safety issues arise from unsafe electrical wiring, installing electrical outlets incorrectly or not using enough GFCI-protected receptacles to reduce the risk of electric shocks.

Other electrical safety problems involve faulty switches, fuses or circuit breakers that can create fire hazards as well as electrical fires. Buildings with electrical safety issues can be a major hazard for both the building's occupants and even those outside of the building.

Faulty wiring is one electrical maintenance issue that may pose electrical hazards to your business or employees, as well as others in close proximity. When electrical wires are incorrectly installed they create an unsafe work environment and prevent fire alarms from functioning properly.

Electrical maintenance in buildings is crucial for electrical safety, productivity and to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

What are some signs of a malfunctioning electrical system?

A malfunctioning electrical system can lead to electrical hazards. This is where electrical maintenance becomes important. You may notice unusual sparks or electrical equipment that has been damaged by a power surge.

Some common warning signs include flickering lights, buzzing sounds from the electricity feeding your building that can be heard outside of it as well as others like sparks coming out of sockets or outlets. If you notice any of these signs, electrical maintenance services should be called.

It is highly recommended that electrical maintenance services are performed yearly to make sure your electrical system is in good condition. This is a cheap investment that can prevent electrical hazards in your building.

Do electrical safety inspections need to be scheduled?

The answer is yes. Electrical inspections should be scheduled at least once a year to ensure electrical systems and equipment are working properly, according to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA).

Regular maintenance will help prevent electrical fires that can cause death or injury, significant property damage and disruption of business operations.

Electrical safety inspectors look for potential hazards such as electrical wiring that may not be protected by electrical equipment, overloaded electrical circuits or improper installation of electrical systems.

The inspection should take place before the building is occupied for occupancy and every year thereafter to ensure compliance with electrical codes.

During the electrical inspection, electrical inspectors should check fuses to ensure they are not overloaded and have adequate protection.

Electrical inspections may also include checking electrical panels for excessive leakage current or insulation damage, inspecting electrical wiring installed in wet locations that could result in electric shock from contact with water, testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and checking electrical installation in hazardous locations.

Electrical inspectors should also check electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, meters, switches, and receptacles for visible defects that could result in shock or fire from electrical overloads.

Electricians might be called to make any necessary repairs if a defect is found.

What should electrical maintenance services do?

Electrical Maintenance Services can help you maintain the electrical system to prevent malfunctions, and make sure your employees are safe in their workspace. Electrical Maintenance Services can also help reduce electrical safety hazards by evaluating the electrical system and correcting any problems.

The electrical maintenance services do a thorough evaluation of your electrical systems and provide timely reports on needed changes to ensure that you comply with all regulations set forth for safe, reliable power distribution in buildings.

If there are any discrepancies noted during electrical maintenance services, an electrical engineer will be called in to make corrections.

There are a few different types of electrical service that you might need: Electrical Maintenance Services for new construction and renovation projects; electrical safety inspections; troubleshooting of unusual problems at the customer's request or if required by law. A qualified electrical company will provide electrical maintenance services for a variety of electrical issues in your building.

Electrical Maintenance Services are highly recommended by the National Safety Council to help prevent safety hazards and plan ahead for emergencies. Electrical inspections can also be done to identify potential electrical problems that need correction before they become larger problems, or even worse - an emergency situation.

What are the commercial electrician's electrical maintenance duties?

Commercial electricians are essential personnel for ensuring the safety of commercial building employees who use electrical equipment every day. Commercial electricians are responsible for electrical maintenance services in buildings. These duties typically include routine inspections, troubleshooting electrical systems and electrical emergencies.

In some cases, they may also be required to provide or oversee their company's electrical installation work such as new construction wiring projects. In order for commercial electricians to perform electrical inspections, electrical problems must first be reported by a building's occupants or management team.

Ensuring that the electrical equipment in a building is in good shape and safe for use can help prevent electrical emergencies from happening. If you are one of the many employees who use electrical equipment every day, it's important that your employer regularly schedules electrical inspections for your building.

If electrical problems are reported, a commercial electrician will perform an electrical inspection to detect the problem and offer electrical maintenance services that can help fix it. They may also need to replace any defective wiring or electrical equipment with new parts if necessary.

Commercial electricians must be aware of their company's safety policies in order to prevent electrical emergencies. These policies will typically include a plan for electrical safety and electrical emergency procedures, such as what to do in the event of an electrical fire or outage.

Commercial electricians who work with high voltage equipment must also follow their company's rules on how to use electrical tools safely. They may need training about safe practices like electrical grounding and electrical shock protection.

Commercial electricians spend a lot of time inspecting electrical systems in buildings, so it's important that they understand how each type of electrical system works.

For instance, commercial electricians must know the difference between an electrical substation circuit breaker panel and an alarm system linkage box for fire detection because these serve different purposes.

They should also know how electrical meters work, with the purpose of tracking electricity usage and paying bills for their company's electrical needs.

Commercial electricians may need to install new wiring or electrical equipment in buildings that are undergoing a renovation project. This requires an electrical installation permit before any construction can begin according to local law.

How can I schedule an electrical safety inspection?

You'll want to schedule inspections if you notice any electrical malfunctions, and you'll want to have electrical maintenance companies come in to check your electrical system for safety hazards.

You can also get electrical safety inspections if your rental property has been damaged and needs repair.

Call an electrical maintenance company like Veracity Electric for electrical safety inspection services today!

In Conclusion

This is just a simple reminder how electrical safety can be maintained in buildings by electrical maintenance services.

If you’re tired of dealing with the headaches that come from electrical problems in your building, it may be time for a change. With regular electrical maintenance services by professional commercial electricians, you can rest assured knowing there will always be somebody to call if something goes wrong.

From electrical wiring checkup to electrical repair, electrical maintenance services can help keep your building and employees safe.

Give us a call today and we’ll send over one of our experienced professionals so they can inspect your property and help give you peace of mind. You deserve the best possible care! In need of electrical maintenance?

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