How Can I Improve the Lighting in My Business?

Mar 30, 2021
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With energy usage doubling in America every twenty years, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills are becoming hot conversation topics. There are a few ways to improve the lighting in a home or office that will help to conserve energy. At Long Electric, we offer commercial and industrial electrical contractors services; however, these tips can be helpful to contractors as well as homeowners.

Select a Focal Point

Although bright fluorescent lighting is the norm for commercial properties, many businesses don't need to have that level of lighting. The interior of smaller offices can be accented with decorative lamps strategically placed near artwork to reduce the energy used and give the office a comfortable aura. Unique lighting fixtures, mirrors, and chandeliers are also commonly used as focal points. If an office boasts a gorgeous view, keep the curtains open to draw in natural light which will reduce the amount of lighting needed.

Use Dimmers, Sensors, and Timers

Dimmers are useful when it comes to conserving energy. The lighting fixture in that rarely used meeting room could be dimmed when the room is vacant. Dimmers have the added benefit of changing the overall atmosphere of a room. When your electrician installs the exterior lighting, request that timers and motion sensors are installed as well. These are effective at providing security while reducing energy consumption. Ask your electrician about other ways to increase the efficiency of commercial lighting.

Switch to LED Bulbs

Not all light bulbs are the same. While the required size and wattage may vary depending on the fixture and the desired level of lighting, LED bulbs use less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. This simple change could save a business or homeowner approximately $1,000 over the next 10 years. Additionally, LED lighting is more eco-friendly, which is an increasing concern amongst consumers.

Everyone would like to save money on their utility bills regardless of whether they are a contractor, homeowner, or business owner. Most people would also like to improve the overall atmosphere of their home or business. This can all be achieved with improved lighting.

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