How To Avoid a SHOCKING Discovery In Your New Office Building?

Mar 21, 2022
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Almost every workplace relies on a robust electrical system to function efficiently and productively. While this electrical equipment is perfectly safe, unprecedented electrical injuries and electrocutions may remain a topmost concern for every entrepreneur. This is because electrical hazards are an inevitable part of any workplace or building that can be dangerous and even fatal. However, despite how perilous these risks are, they are usually entirely preventable! 

Listed below are some of the most effective tips that can help you avoid the happening of any hazardous situation in your new office building:

Use well-insulated cables

Any workplace can significantly eliminate the risk of electrical hazards by ensuring the employment of the most appropriate cables and quality workmanship. Thus, while rearranging or installing new equipment, ensure your electrical contractors use lines with thick, resilient insulation. This will help you assure long-term durability and robustness of your electrical system and optimum safety of your employees and the workplace. 

Protect cables with conduits

Some working premises often need additional protection for their electrical system. You should ensure that your workers work in an outdoor location or with numerous wires run through protective conduits to ensure better safety and organization. Moreover, these solutions are comparatively inexpensive. However, they can provide significant protection by withstanding temperatures between -58 and 392 F.

Avoid working near electric lines 

To minimize the risk associated with electrical hazards, consider ceasing unnecessary working near an electrical system. While the construction or building maintenance team may need to work around the utility lines, the crew should maintain utmost vigilance to avoid unwanted shocks or threats. However, you can instruct your team to maintain a safe distance with the entire electrical system.

Check for and report electrical hazards

An electric shock can typically be due to failures, such as exposed wire or wiring errors. However, your workers can avoid these hazards by examining them before working with or near the electrical system. Additionally, if any of the workers notice any electrical discrepancies, they should immediately report them to the appropriate authority to take care of the issue. 

Wear PPE-rated for an appropriate voltage

Ensure that all your employees or workers working near wires wear shock-resistant PPE. This protective gear can include rubber gloves, insulated clothing, and protective eyewear. However, you should keep in mind that this gear is rated for a specific voltage. Thus, workers should have appropriate items before working with the electrical system. 

Train employees about electrical safety

Regardless of the measures you have taken to avoid electrical mishaps, you should never underestimate the importance of thorough training. The probability of human errors can always expose your premises to various electrical risks and hazards despite countless safety protocols. Hence, it is critical to train your employees and other workers about electrical threats to spot and prevent them. Such training sessions can help them avoid any potential hazardous errors, thus, keeping the workplace safe.

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