7 Skills Every Electrician Needs

Nov 25, 2021
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An electrician’s work involves big-time technicalities and physical work. Hence, to conclude projects to a proper standard, every electrician must have specific technical skills. Such skills and ample knowledge of safety standards are typically taught during electrician training to ensure safety during work. As an electrician, you’ll be required to do various hand-on-tasks jobs, including electrical systems repairing and wiring. 

Here are the top seven skills that every electrician needs:

Standard technical skills and knowledge

Electricity can be life-threatening. Hence, it should be dealt with the utmost caution. To ensure proper compliance and standard, you must possess the right technical skills to accomplish your projects. Such critical skills, including safety knowledge, are often taught during the electrician training to ensure protection. Following are some standard skill-sets you must have as an electrician:

  • Ability to install cables, tubing, conduit, and switching devices
  • How to appropriately use power tools 
  • The knowledge to read and comprehend blueprints
  • Follow all procedures and electrical safety rules
  • Ability to repair and replace equipment, fixtures, and wiring 

Physical skills

The lifestyle of an electrician involves high-functioning fieldwork. Activities such as lifting heavy weights, climbing ladders, standing for extended periods, squeezing into tight spaces, and bending or crouching require peak physical fitness. However, apart from physical fitness, you should also display good vision, optimum motor skills, and the ability to have a steady hand, hand-eye coordination while working with small tools and objects. 

Problem-solving skills

Electricians are indeed the problem solvers. Each day may come with various challenges requiring immediate solutions. These obstacles can range from figuring out why an outlet is sparkling to finding the utmost cost-effective technique for installing wiring in a building. 


To begin with, if you are working with an employer, you’ll be required to report to your project manager or supervisor. Furthermore, if you are working at a senior rank, it may even be necessary to train apprentices. Therefore, to work on big projects, you may require to collaborate with plumbers, carpenters, and other tradespeople. Hence, to become a successful electrician, working as a team and getting along with different people is vital. 

Flexible working hours

Maintaining a flexible work schedule is a must-have for an electrician because emergencies can show up at any hour, requiring immediate attention. Therefore, you cannot always stick to the traditional nine-to-five schedule and may have to run late hours to address urgencies. 

Basic maths skills

It is significant to possess practical math skills to become a successful electrician. This is because it ensures the ease and ability to perform routine calculations and measurements. Knowing basic math will ensure your ability to perform additions, subtractions, division, and multiplications. 

Customer service skills

Possessing customer service satisfaction skills is an essential must-have for an electrician. Whether you are working with an employer or a self-employed electrician, positive interaction with customers is vital for retaining them. Leaving a customer with negative reviews will never bring positive outcomes in the future. Therefore, always ensure to serve your customers with a friendly, professional, and patient attitude. 

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