Top 6 Common Electrical Problems and Solutions

Dec 24, 2021
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Your home’s electrical network is a complex system comprising multiple elements, such as wirings, outlets, circuit breakers, and fixtures. Any glitch in these elements can lead to problems and endanger anyone living in your home. Electrical faults happen due to power fluctuations and other issues, and you must fix them before anyone gets hurt. 

Here are some common electrical problems in every home and how you can fix them. 

Loose outlets

Constant usage and pulling out the plugs can loosen the sockets in the outlet, making the cord and plugs fall out quickly. It is quite a nuisance if you have plugged in a device on such outlets and dangerous as it can lead to electric jumps and fires. 

The quick solution is replacing the receptacle, which doesn’t cost much. However, we recommend you call an electrician for the job as it involves handling the internal wires and cables. 


Over-lamping is a situation when you fit a bulb of higher wattage than the fixture’s capacity. Most people don’t even notice this when they replace the bulbs. However, it is more dangerous than you realize as it can damage the fixture socket and even the adjacent wiring.

The easy fix is to use light bulbs equal to or below the wattage of your fixture’s limit. If you notice any bulbs of higher wattage, change them immediately. \

Coverless junction boxes

Junction boxes are located in your home electric system, where multiple high-voltage systems are grouped. These splices are often wrapped with tape and clips but left uncovered. 

If that happens, there is always a risk of electrocution, so you should cover them with lids wherever you can see them. You can do this yourself with a screwdriver and right-sized caps.

Faulty switches

Switches often stop working for various reasons, such as broken internal circuits, wires, or the tear in plastic cases. They are pretty annoying, and the underlying reasons can cause multiple issues, so it is best to get them replaced by your electrician at the earliest. 

Frequent electrical surges

Power surges usually happen because of faulty wirings in your house. These surges are hazardous and can significantly damage your electrical appliances and gadgets. 

You can inspect the home grid for any faulty wirings and replace them to reduce these surges. If the problem persists, it is best to call an experienced electrician.

High electricity bills

If your electricity bills are getting higher even when you are using less power, chances are there is an underlying issue of wire damage, circuit damage, causing electrical leaks, which are raising your bills. Old appliances can also be a reason for high electricity bills. 

You can switch to more energy-efficient appliances to reduce your bills and ask your electrician to inspect your home electrical system for any leaks and get them repaired. 

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